EXCARE PHARM was founded in 2009, Located in the port city Ningbo China. Specializing in Research, production and sales of botanical ingredients and health products. It has built 60000 M2 modernized standard plant, complete set of plant extract production line, and international leading R & D and quality control center. Focus on providing high-quality natural products for human health, strictly implements international quality standards, and sells well in developed countries. In order to meet people's growing health needs as the goal, we will continue to innovate, lead the development, build an ecological chain of health industry that provides the whole life cycle, and build a whole ecological chain health industry cluster from organic cultivation of raw materials, modern processing, standardized extraction to the integration of health products. Now it has Anhui Excare Agricultural Co., Ltd., Ningbo Excare Pharm Inc, YK Longway Trade Co., Ltd., Ningbo TiViT Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries.

EXCARE PHARM R & D center takes Ningbo Municipal Engineering Technology Center as the platform, and its R & D personnel are composed of several senior engineers and doctors. With the concept of "natural nutrition, natural health", we have cooperated with many domestic scientific research institutions to develop professional plant active ingredients and specific efficacy health products for drugs, health food and cosmetics for a long time, and provide solutions for new products to add new value to customers' products. At present, the company has obtained national high-tech enterprises, has a number of authorized invention patents, and has undertaken a number of provincial and municipal special science and technology projects.
EXCARE PHARM focuses on the construction of quality control system (the company operates NSF-GMP quality control system), and CNAs certified testing center introduces high-end equipment such as HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS, HPTLC, etc. At present, our laboratory has the ability to detect and control 400 pesticide residues, more than 200 active ingredients, PAH4, Aflatoxin, Plasticizer, Heavy metals, Microorganisms and other indicators. At the same time, a strict quality assurance system has been established to systematize, standardize and institutionalize the quality assurance through strict rules, regulations, methods and procedures, so as to ensure that the whole production process meets the requirements of cGMP and other relevant standards.
Based on natural plant extracts, EXCARE PHARM has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than ten years. Now it has four mature and sound business sectors including organic agriculture, natural plant extracts, vitamin premix / derivatives and health products. It has realized organic cultivation of plant raw materials and green extraction of plant effective ingredients, The comprehensive integration of vitamin science derived blending and functional food health production has formed the whole industry chain mode of natural health with EXCARE PHARM characteristics.
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